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Comparative Values Surveys of Islamic Countries

Project Details

Investigators: Mansoor Moaddel, PI, Ronald F. Inglehart, Co-PI, Mark Tessler, Co-PI, Julie de Jong, Project Manager.Description: Although the focus here is on the people and culture of the Middle Eastern publics, given that an overwhelming majority of these publics are Muslims, for scholars interested in comparative study of Muslim majority countries, we have produced a dataset on values and beliefs in Islamic countries and the United States. The data set from the U.S. is added for those interested in understanding the convergence and divergence of values between the American public and people from Muslim majority countries.

Coverage: Albania, Algeria, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mali, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Turkey, USA.

Sponsor: Eastern Michigan UniversityNational Science Foundation, Ford Foundation, Rodney Stark Foundation.

World Values Survey Website

Type Detail Format Size
Questionnaire Albania, 2002 (Albanian)   PDF 1119K
Questionnaire Algeria, 2002 (English)   PDF 155K
Questionnaire Algeria, 2002 (French)   PDF French 175K
Questionnaire Bangladesh, 2002 (Bangladeshi)   PDF 564K
Questionnaire Burkina Faso, 2007 (French)   PDF 295K
Questionnaire Egypt, 2002 (Arabic)   PDF 211K
Questionnaire Egypt, pre-September 11 (English)   PDF 173K
Questionnaire Indonesia, 2001 (Indonesian)   PDF 5025K
Questionnaire Indonesia, 2006 (Indonesian)   PDF 16435K
Questionnaire Iran, 2000 (English)   PDF 194K
Questionnaire Iran, 2000 (Farsi)   PDF 1052K
Questionnaire Iran, 2005 (English)   PDF 569K
Questionnaire Iran, 2005 (Farsi)   PDF 217K
Questionnaire Iraq, 2004 (Arabic)   PDF 239K
Questionnaire Iraq, 2006 (Arabic)   PDF 250K
Questionnaire Iraq, 2004/2006 (English)   PDF 138K
Questionnaire Jordan, 2001 (Arabic)   PDF 304K
Questionnaire Jordan, 2007 (Arabic)   PDF 324K
Questionnaire Malaysia, 2006 (Chinese)   PDF 1843K
Questionnaire Malaysia, 2006 (English)   PDF 1516K
Questionnaire Malaysia, 2006 (Malay)   PDF 1532K
Questionnaire Mali, 2007 (French)   French 203K
Questionnaire Morocco, 2007 (French)   PDF 556K
Questionnaire Morocco, 2007 (Arabic)   PDF 3684K
Questionnaire (English)   PDF 899K
Questionnaire Morocco, 2007 (Arabic)   PDF 1488K
Questionnaire Morocco, 2007 (French)   PDF 635K
Questionnaire Nigeria, 2000 (English)   PDF 188K
Questionnaire Pakistan, 2001 (English)   PDF 125K
Questionnaire Saudi Arabia, 2003 (English)   PDF 95K
Questionnaire Turkey, 2001 (Turkish)   PDF 211K
Questionnaire Turkey, 2001 (Turkish)   PDF 396K
Questionnaire USA, 1999 (English)   PDF 232K
Questionnaire USA, 2006 (English)   PDF 1071K
Dataset Dataset (SAS)   SAS 124310K
Dataset Dataset (STATA)   STATA 38282K
Dataset Dataset (SPSS)   SPSS 40462K
Codebook Codebook   PDF 948K
Data Documentation Description Data Documentation Description   PDF 650K
Frequencies Frequency Tables   PDF 662K
Type Detail Format Size