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Arland Thornton

Arland ThorntonArland Thornton

Research Professor, Population Studies Center, University of Michigan;
Research Professor, Survey Research Center, University of Michigan;
Professor, Department of Sociology, University of MichiganPh.D. Sociology, University of Michigan, 1975

Research Interests
Arland Thornton’s research focuses on family, demography, aging, the life course, social change, and gender. He studies attitudes, values, and behaviors about marriage, divorce, cohabitation, family size, gender roles, and intergenerational relations. He has conducted research on these topics in Nepal, Taiwan, and the United States. His research includes historical and comparative perspectives, including studies of the influence of developmental models and methods on family scholarship, data about family change, and the beliefs and behaviors of individual and community actors.

Countries Studied
Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia.

Programs of Research
Religious Fundamentalism, Attitudes toward Political Violence, and Developmental Idealism among Youth in Egypt and Saudi Arabia – 2005 .
Comparative Cross-National Study of Religious Fundamentalism, Developmental Idealism, Values, and Morality in the Middle East and North Africa.


Developmental Idealism Studies.
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