Collaborative Research on Belief Formation and Political Engagement: A Panel Study of the Dynamics of Change in Egypt and Turkey

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Investigators: Mansoor Moaddel, PI, Beth-Ellen Pennell, Co-PI, Zeina Mneimneh, Consultant, Julie de Jong, Research Associate.

Narrative Description:

Intellectual Merit This project will contribute to a mechanismic explanation of change in values and political engagement by launching a panel study in Egypt and Turkey, where adequate infrastructure for survey research is available. This panel study will (1) explain changes in sociopolitical and cultural values; (2) examine how variation in participation in such activities as peaceful demonstrations, political protests, and political violence is linked to changes in (a) inter-group relations, (b) identity and framing, (c) attitudes toward the West and liberal values, (d) religious fundamentalism, (e) dysphoric emotions and personal efficacy, and (f) sources of news information (the Internet, satellite TV, mobiles); (3) assess how people’s perceptions of corruption and trustworthiness of public officials are linked to political action and conflict; and (4) evaluate the implications of this study for peace and national security.

Coverage: Egypt, Turkey.

Sponsor: National Science Foundation.

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