The Birth Place of the Arab Spring: A Panel Survey of Value Orientations and Political Actions in Tunisia

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Investigators: Mansoor Moaddel, PI, Kristine Ajrouch, Co-PI, Stuart Karabenick, Consultant, Julie de Jong, Project Manager, Zeina Mneimneh, Project Manager.

Description: This project’s central objective is to construct and deliver a methodology for detecting and quantifying the presence of violent extremist ideology as well as to understand collective action, political engagement, and how attitudes about recent domestic and international political events shape attitudes and behavior. To this end, it engages in a comprehensive study of sociopolitical and cultural beliefs and attitudes, value orientations, and political engagement among youth and the general public in Tunisia. To this end, we have completed Wave 1 (2013) and Wave 2 (2015) of a survey with 3,000 Tunisians chosen in a national probability sample, meaning that the results can be generalized to the entire country. Analyses will begin in the summer of 2013, and will, among other inquiries: 1) assess the social conditions that may prompt Tunisians: (a) to support religious extremism and political violence; (b) to adopt religious fundamentalist beliefs and attitudes; and (c) to develop favorable attitudes toward the liberal values of political equality, social individualism, and national identity; 2) evaluate the extent to which Tunisians’ attitudes and value orientations are shaped by: (a) levels of trust in government, religious institutions, and members of ethnic or religious groups other than their own; (b) perceptions of corruption among public officials; and (c) perceptions of one’s political efficacy, on the one hand, and dysphoric emotions on the other; and 3) assess the implications of findings from this study for national security and for building a better relationship between the American and Tunisian public.

Coverage: Tunisia.

Sponsor: Office of Naval Research, MITRE.

The Birthplace of the Arab Spring: Values and Perceptions of the Tunisian Public in a Comparative Perspective
Tunisia: An Oasis of Peace and Tolerance

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